We are an authorized distributor of  hydraulic quick couplers and other products from Stucchi.

Stucchi is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic quick coupler products that provide reliable quick disconnect solutions for a variety of applications. Visit Stucchi’s website to get more information on their products ยป

Skid Steer Hydraulic Couplers

  • A-Premier Series
  • APM Series
  • A-HD Series
  • VEP Series
  • VEPHD Series
  • VEPHDL Series
  • Saturn Block Series
  • A-Premier International Series

Hydraulic Quick Couplers for Applications Requiring 10,000 PSA Working Pressure

  • IVHP Series
  • A-HP Series


Hydraulic Multi Coupler Plates

  • DP Plate Series
  • GR Plate Series
  • GRE Plate Series
  • SV2 Plate Series
  • BM3 Plate Series
  • One Position Plate Series
  • FAP Series
  • FAP-Z Series

Poppet Interchange Quick Couplers

  • BIR Series ISO A Interchange Couplers
  • IRB Series Quick Couplings
  • IR Series Hydraulic Quick Couplings
  • I-IP Series
  • IRC Series Interchange Couplers
  • SH Series H-IH Interchange Coupling

Specialty Couplings

  • Saturn Block Series
  • Custom Plate Couplers
  • FIRG/ISO A Series Adapter

Flat Face Couplers

  • A Premier Series Flat Face ISO 16028 Interchange Couplings
  • FIRG Flat Face Series
  • APM Series Flat Face Couplings
  • A-HD Series Flat Face Couplings
  • Push-Pull Coupler (PPC) Series
  • FIRGQ Series Flat Face Couplings
  • FL Series Flat Face Couplings
  • A-ZN Series Flat Face Couplings
  • A Premier International Series

Threaded Poppet Couplers with Hydraulic Poppet Valves

  • VOF Series Threaded Poppet Couplers
  • VOFX Series Threaded Poppet Couplers
  • Wing Style Series Rugged Wing Nuts
  • VLS Series Heavy-Duty Screw Couplers
  • VD Series European Screw Couplers
  • VR Series German Screw Couplers

Hydraulic Check Valves

  • VU Series
  • VUX Series
  • VUZ Series

Take Advantage of Stucchi’s Experience & Capabilities

Stucchi combines forward-thinking design capabilities with experience in engineering and fabrication. This allows them to design, manufacture, and deliver high-quality hydraulic quick-release products. Stucchi also provides ongoing technical support because they are committed to process improvement through innovation. The company is recognized worldwide for its engineering and problem-solving capabilities.

We offer sales and distribution of hydraulic quick connect products from Stucchi to customers all over the world. If you need to purchase hydraulic quick connect products from an authorized Stucchi distributor, contact our sales team today.

Stucchi AMP Series Flat Fact Couplings

Stucchi VEP Series Flat Face Couplers

Stucchi VUZ Series Check Valves