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We are an authorized distributor of gripping and clamping products from Schunk.

Schunk is known as a market leader in gripping and clamping solutions for automation. Since the company opened its doors in 1945, Schunk has been driven to be a customer-oriented company, and is focused on developing superior products that meet the challenges that their customers face today and in the future.

Clamping Technology

For more than 50 years, Schunk has offered high-quality clamping products for automation applications. Schunk’s high standards help set the bar for benchmarks in the ongoing development of clamping technology. As an authorized Schunk distributor, we offer their full line of clamping products — lathe parts, machining centers and grinding centers.

Lathe Parts

Schunk offers high performance lathe chucks, precision toolholders and the largest selection of chuck jaws in the world. We have access to the full line of lathe parts and accessories.

  • Chuck Jaw
  • Lathe Chucks
  • Toolholders
  • Steady Rests
  • Clamping Cylinders

 Machining Center Products

Schunk machining center products allow you to combine standard components to solve your clamping tasks in an efficient, cost-effective manner, regardless of application — hydraulic, pneumatic or mechanical. We have access to the full line of machining center products and accessories from Schunk.

  • Toolholders
  • Quick-Change Pallet Systems
  • Pneumatic Clamping Systems
  • Hydraulic Clamping Systems
  • Stationary Lathe Chucks
  • Manual Clamping Systems
  • Tombstones
  • Magnetic Clamping Technology
  • Vacuum Clamping Technology
  • Hydraulic Expansion Technology

Grinding Machine Products

We offer the full line of Schunk products for grinding machines, including tool grinding toolholders and low-vibration clamping systems.

  • Tool Grinding
  • Magnetic Clamping Technology
  • Hydraulic Expansion Technology

Gripping Systems

Schunk has a reputation for bringing new innovation to the market with products for gripping systems. Since 1983 they have helped set the trends in the industry, from micro assembly to heavy lifting. We have access to the full line of gripping systems products, including grippers, robot accessories and handling products.


Schunk offers a comprehensive line of grippers, including standard grippers, ready-for-use gripping system assembly groups and customized solutions. We offer the full line of grippers and accessories from Schunk.

  • Parallel Grippers
  • Centric Grippers
  • Angular Grippers
  • Magnetic Grippers
  • Gripper Swivel Modules
  • 4-Finger Grippers
  • O-Ring Grippers
  • Grippers with Shaft Interface
  • Hole Grippers
  • Traction Belt Fingers

Robot Accessories

Robot accessories from Schunk help complete any automation system because they make the use of robots more efficient and productive by ensuring a reliable connection between robot arms and grippers. We offer the full line of robot products and accessories from Schunk that perform the following functions:.

  • Changing
  • Feeding Through
  • Compensating
  • Monitoring
  • Measuring
  • Machining

Handling Products

Handling products from Schunk complete their full line of solutions for automation. Schunk’s wide range of handling products for automated solutions includes pneumatically and electronically driven linear, rotary and standard gripper components, plus product for robots.

  • Rotate, Swivel & Turn
  • Linear Moving
  • Pick & Place
  • Axis Systems
  • Compensating
  • Monitoring, Measuring & Regulating
  • Module & Mobile Gripping Systems


We offer sales and distribution of gripping and clamping products from Schunk to customers all over the world. If you need to purchase gripping and clamping products from an authorized Schunk distributor, contact our sales team today.