We are an authorized distributor of products from Nitto Kohki, including couplers for hydraulic, pneumatic, tooling, mold, and die applications.

Nitto Kohki, USA was founded to provide sales, and service of Nitto Kohki products, including quick-connecting fluid couplings.  The “CUPLA” line enables flexible, fast, secure connections in various fluid lines. Their stocking warehouse is located in Illinois, which allows them to provide a high level of customer support and quick delivery of products. Visit the Nitto Kohki website to learn more about their quick-coupling products »

Nitto Kohki’s unique technologies and research have led to the development of more than 25,000 different coupling variations.

  • They can be used for diverse applications, from household to high-tech industries.
  • Numerous sizes are available for various needs.
  • A wide variety of materials are available, including steel, brass, plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Key Uses of Nitto Kohki Couplers

  • As replacements in hydraulic tools, hydraulic cylinders, mold attachments, etc.
  • Temporary installation in a test line.
  • Fill up various industrial gases, including inert gases, nitrogen, LPG, carbon dioxide, oxygen, fuel gas, etc.
  • Maintenance services in computer cooling systems, hydraulic cylinders, and die-casting machines.
  • Transfer of solid items through pipes, such as screws and nuts as well as electric power cables.
  • Joints in applications other than fluid transfer covering connections for holding works while anchored or being carried around.

Pneumatic Couplers

  • Hi Cupla
  • Hi Cupla 200
  • Nut Cupla
  • Lock Cupla 200
  • Hi Cupla Two Way Type
  • Full Blow Cupla
  • Purge Hi Cupla PVR Type
  • Purge Hi Cupla
  • Line Cupla
  • Hi Cupla ACE
  • Rotary Plug
  • Twist Plug
  • Purge Plug
  • Anti Vibration Plug Hose
  • Duster Cupla
  • NK Cupla Hose
  • Super Cupla
  • Micro Cupla
  • Small Cupla
  • Compact Cupla
  • Cube Cupla
  • Multi CuplaMAM Type
  • Multi Cupla MALC-01 Type

Water, Liquid Couplers

  • SP Cupla Type A
  • Hot Water Cupla
  • TSP Cupla
  • TSP Cupla Socjet with Ball Valve
  • Mold Cupla
  • Zerospill Cupla
  • Compact Zerospill Cupla
  • Lever Lock Cupla
  • High Flow Cupla
  • Compact Cupla
  • Cube Cupla
  •  Multi Cupla MAM A Type
  • Multi Cupla MAM B Type
  • Multi Cupla MALC-SP Type
  •  Multi Cupla MAS Type / MAT Type
  • Multi Cupla MALC-01 Type

High Pressure Hydraulic Couplers

  • HSP Cupla
  • Hyper HSP Cupla
  • HSU Cupla
  • S210 Cupla
  • 280 Cupla
  • 350 Cupla
  • Flat Face Cupla F35
  • Flat Face Cupla FF
  • 450B Cupla
  • 700R Cupla
  • Multi Cupla MALC-HSP Type

Multi-Port Connectin System Couplers

  • Multi Cupla MAM Type
  • Multi Cupla MAM A Type
  • Multi Cupla MAM B Type
  • Multi Cupla MAM-A-ZEL Type
  • Multi Cupla MAS Type / MAT Type
  • Multi Cupla MALC-SP Type
  • Multi Cupla MALC-HSP Type
  • Multi Cupla MALC-01 Type

High Purity Fluid Couplers

  • Semicon SP
  • Semicon SCS
  • Semicon SCY
  • Semicon SCT
  • Semicon SCAL
  • Semicon SCF

HVAC and Automotive Testing Couplers

  • PCV Pipe Cupla
  • SP-V Cupla
  • Auto Cupla
  • Charge Cupla
  • Screw Cupla NCF
  • Pipe Cupla Series


  • Dip Mold Cap
  • Sleeve Cover
  • Protection Cover
  • Dust Cap
  • Drain Cock and Pressure Gauge
  • Sleeve Stopper
  • O-Ring Maintenance Jig and Grease
  • Purge Adapter
  • Residual Pressure Release Jig
  • Flow Monitor
  • Cupla Adapter for Braided Hose Connection
  • Cupla Connection Jig

We offer sales and distribution of quick-connect couplings from Nitto Kohki to customers all over the world. If you need to purchase Nitto Kohki quick-connect couplings, contact our sales team today.