We are an authorized distributor of hydraulic and pneumatic products from Milwaukee Cylinder.

Since 1956, Milwaukee Cylinder has been a leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality hydraulic and pneumatic products. Milwaukee takes pride in their commitment to research and development. From design through after-the-sale support, Milwaukee works hard to exceed customer demands and to provide world-class service. We are pleased to offer the full line of hydraulic and pneumatic products from Milwaukee Cylinder. Visit Milwaukee Cylinder’s website to get more information on their products ยป

Tie Rod Cylinders

Milwaukee’s cylinders feature technology that offers position sensing, motion control, proximit switches and RFID tags. Milwaukee offers a wide variety of cylinders that meet many different application needs, including:

Smart Tie Rod Cylinder Technology

These groups includes position sensing and motion control solutions, proximity switches, and RFID technology products.

  • Continuous Position Indication
  • Discrete Position Inidcation
  • End-of-Stroke Indication
  • RFID Tags

Tie Rod Cylinder Accessories

  • Clevis/Brackets/Pins/Rod Eyes
  • Linear Alignment Coupler
  • AMLOK Rod Clamp
  • Flange Couplers and Weld Plates
  • Light Duty Spherical Rod and Bracket Accessories

Power Units & Valves

We offer the full line of vertical power units, valves, mounting kits and manifolds from Milwaukee Cylinder. Milwaukee power units are for general hydraulic power unit needs, and are available in 3000 psi Gear Pumps or 2000 psi Vane Pumps. We offer the full range of power units from Milwaukee, including:

  • Gear Pumps
  • Vane Pumps
  • Power Units with P & T Manifolds
  • Power Units with D03 Manifold
  • D03 Valves
  • D03 Accessory Valves
  • D03 Mounting Kits & Manifolds
  • D03 Valve Mounting Kits
  • D05 Valves
  • D05 Accessory Valves
  • D05 Mounting Kits & Manifolds
  • D05 Valve Mounting Kits

Boosters, Air Tanks & Accumulators

Milwaukee offers boosters, tanks and accumulators for complete fluid power systems. The boosters work well for limited operation applications that require intermittent high pressure when you only have low-pressure air. The air oil tanks supplement the boosters by providing a source of low pressure oil and an outlet for trapped air. The accumulators can help improve the efficiency of the overall system.

  • Duel-Pressure Boosters
  • Single-Pressure Boosters
  • Air Oil Tanks
  • Nitrogen Oil Accumulators

Industrial Manipulators

Milwaukee manufacturers two industrial manipulator systems, which can help you lift and position heavy loads.

  • Pow’r Arm
  • Pow’r Reach

Special Applications

Although Milwaukee is a well-known manufacturer of standard hydraulic and air cylinders, it is also recognized for the design and production of unique cylinders. These cylinders are what you need when you have needs for custom products.

  • Adjustable Stroke Cylinders
  • Adjustable Stop Cylinders
  • Nose Mounted Cylinders
  • Heavy Duty Cylinders
  • Controlled Rotating Cylinders
  • Tilt System Cylinders


We offer sales and distribution of hydraulic and pneumatic products from Milwaukee Cylinder to customers all over the world. If you need to purchase fluid power products from an authorized distributor of Milwaukee Cylinder, contact our sales team today.