We are an authorized distributor of motion control products from Delta Computer Systems.

Delta Computer Systems is dedicated to long-term growth through the production of innovative, high-quality motion control products. Everything that Delta does focuses on these core concepts: great technology, great products, responsive customer service and long-term growth. We are pleased to offer the full line of motion control and automation products from Delta. Visit Delta’s website to get more information on their products ยป

RMC Motion Controllers

Delta’s RMC motion controllers deliver the power that you need for your hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric closed-loop control. We offer all motion controllers, including:

We also offer support for legacy controllers:

  • MMC120
  • TMC188/40
  • MMC188/4x
  • VMC186/40
  • MC186/40

Motion Control Software

Software packages from Delta Computer Systems allow you to control all aspects of their motion controllers, including set up, display, configuration and troubleshooting.

  • RMC Tools for RMC70 Motion Controllers
  • RMC Tools for RMC150 Motion Controllers
  • RMC Tools for RMC200 Motion Controllers
  • RMC Link .NET Assembly & ActiveX Control

We also support legacy software packages, including:

  • RMCWin for RMC100 Motion Controllers
  • DCS120-Win or DCS 120-DOS
  • All versions of DCSMON for DOS

Motion Control Accessories

Delta’s signal conversion peripherals allow you to match the types of signals and the levels of the signals between the components in your system. We offer both Voltage-to-Current Converters and Signal Converters.

Voltage to Signal Converters

  • VC2124
  • VC2100
  • VC2100-HS

Signal Converters

  • RB12
  • RPS10
  • AMP/10


  • RMC75 Quad Cable
  • RMC100 Quad Cable
  • RMC150 Quad Cable
  • USB-to-Serial Cable
  • RMC200 Cables


We also have access to all Delta connectors for terminal blocks.

Color Sensors

Delta’s color sensors are not recommended for new designs. However, we offer support for:

  • CS24D Series
  • CS64A Series

Take Advantage of Delta’s Engineering Expertise for Your Application

Delta’s engineers work to put their expertise into each and aspect of their business. The engineering team works tirelessly to make sure that their motion control products can be used for a wide variety of automation applications, including:

  • Energy
  • Entertainment
  • General Manufacturing
  • Metals
  • Plastics
  • Testing
  • Wood Products


We offer sales and distribution of motion control products from Delta Computer Systems to customers all over the world. If you need to purchase motion control products from an authorized distributor of Delta Computer Systems, contact our sales team today.