VT17-ZN Series Flat Face Couplers

Stucchi’s multi-year experience in screw-to-connect Flat Face couplings has led to the creation of VT, the new top-of-the-line series for this kind of couplings. Thanks to the new design with the axial bearing integrated in the male coupling and the automatic locking sleeve, the VT series is the right solution for heavy-duty applications: even in presence of the most severe pressure impulses, vibration, and rotation of the hoses, the correct functionality of the couplings is guaranteed.

Stucchi VT17-ZN Series Flat Face Couplers



  • Size range: 1″
  • Port options: NPT
  • Interchanges with Stucchi profile
  • Operating pressure: 500 bar
  • Automatic locking sleeve to prevent unwanted disconnection.
  • Integrated live swivel on male coupling.
  • Optimized connection thread to reduce the number of turns to connect.
  • Connection with residual pressure allowed on both sides


  • Specifically designed for applications needing no-leak performance
  • Ideal for limiting contamination in the hydraulic circuit
  • Applications involving high-pressure impulses and high vibration, or where a redundant locking system is required
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