SS Series Wet Type Solenoid Valve G01

The Naschi SS Series Wet Type Solenoid Operated Directional Control Valve (G01) is a reliable and energy-efficient solution for hydraulic control needs. It has reduced power consumption, an innovative fluid reaction compensating mechanism, and an expanded wiring space, all while meeting safety standards such as CE, UL, and CSA.

Nachi SS Series Wet Type Solenoid Valve G01


  • Recognized by reliable overseas safety standards such as CE (Europe), UL (U.S.A.), and CSA (Canada).
  • The power consumption of the DC solenoid (D* and E*) is reduced. This will further promote your energy-saving policy.
  • An innovative fluid reaction compensating mechanism assures reliable valve switching. (Patent pending)
  • An expanded wiring space ensures easy wiring.
  • Redesigned terminal box improves waterproof properties.
  • The terminal block has been modified to improve the insulation performance. (Conforms to overseas standards)
  • Interchangeable with conventional products (30 designs)
  • The valve proper as well as such parts as a centralized terminal box and coil are interchangeable with the conventional ones in terms of a kit.
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