Series H Heavy Duty Tie Rod Cylinders

We are an authorized distributor of hydraulic cylinders from Milwaukee Cylinder, including heavy duty Series H hydraulic tie rod cylinders.

Series H tie rod cylinders are built to perform on the toughest applications. They include a variety of exclusive advanced, proven features, these cylinders that will provide a long, maintenance-free service life. The advanced engineering, quality materials, and expert workmanship contribute to a rugged, top quality hydraulic cylinder.

Milwaukee Series H Heavy Duty Tie Rod Cylinders


Series H Features & Benefits

  • ARC Technology
  • Tie-Rod Mount
  • Flange Mount
  • Side and Lug Mounts
  • Pin and Trunnion Mounts
  • Key Mount
  • Double Rod End

ARC Technology

A patent-pending technology that allows oil to recirculate through the cylinder when the cylinder reaches end of stroke, removing stagnant oil and helping to extend the life of the cylinder.

Tie Rod Mount

The flange and tie-rod mounts are basically the same, except that the cylinder tie rods are extended and used to mount the cylinder. To prevent misalignment, sagging or possible binding of the cylinder, the free end should be supported. The best use of tie-rods when extending on the blind end is in a thrust load application. When using tie-rods extended on the rod end, the best application is a tension load. Tie rod mounts are suited for many applications, but it should be noted that they are not as rigid as the flange type of mounting.

Flange Mount

The flange mount is one of the strongest, most rigid methods of mounting. With this type of mount there is little allowance for misalignment, though when long strokes are required, the free end opposite the mounting should be supported to prevent sagging and possible binding of the cylinder. The best use of a blind end flange is in a thrust load application (rod in compression). Rod end flange mounts are best used in tension applications. If an application exceeds the rectangular flange rating, requiring an extra heavy flange, a solid flange style end cap mount is available at no extra cost for most bore sizes. When a less rigid mount can be used and the cylinder can be attached to a panel or bulkhead, an extended tire rod mounting could be considered.

Side and Lug Mount

The side or lug mounted cylinder provides a fairly rigid mount. These types of cylinders can tolerate a slight amount of misalignment when the cylinder is at full stroke, but as the piston moves toward the blind end, the tolerance for misalignment decreases. It is important to note that if the cylinder is used properly (without misalignment), the mounting bolts are either in simple shear or tension without any compound stresses.

Pin and Trunnion Mount

All pin and trunnion cylinders need a provision on both ends for pivoting. These types of cylinders are designed to carry shear loads and the trunnion pivot pins should be carried by bearings that are rigidly held and closely fit for the entire length of the pin.

Solid End Cap Mount

Milwaukee Cylinder’s solid end cap mounts are one of the strongest, most rigid methods of mounting. Solid rod end cap mounts are best in a tension application; solid blind end cap mounts are best in a thrust load application.

Key Mount

The Milwaukee Key Mount retainer plate is a mounting option designed to add rugged stability to foot and side mount cylinders. The retainer plate is extended below the mouting surface of the cylinder. This extension may be fitted into a milled keyway in your mounting pad, eliminating the need for welded keys or locator pins.

Double Rod End

Double rod end styles are available in every mounting style except clevis. On double rod end cylinders where the rod ends are not the same, be sure to specify clearly which rod end is to go at which end of the cylinder in relation to your mounting requirements.

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