S Series SMART Hydraulic Actuator

The S-series SMART Electro Hydraulic Actuator (SHA) combines proven technologies into an innovative new actuation product with servo actuation control.  The SHA offers significant advantages compared with hydraulic cylinder actuators or high-force Electro-Mechanical ball screw / roller screw actuators.

Kyntronics S Series SMART Hydraulic Actuator


  • High-Precision Brushless Servo Motor
  • Servo-Controlled, Precise Displacement, Bi-Directional Variable Speed Pump
  • Manifold with Integral Valve Controls
  • Heavy-Duty Rod / Cylinder with Patent-Pending Rod Compensation
  • Servo Drive / Motion Controller
  • Fieldbus Interface
  • IoT Compatible
  • High-Resolution Position Sensor
  • Optional Pressure Sensor for Force Control Operation


  • Eliminates costly, messy and energy-wasting hydraulic power units used with hydraulic cylinders and the all-in-one design of the SHA eliminates hoses and leaky connections.
  • Provides high force-density at a very cost-effective alternative to Electro-Mechanical actuators  and requires far less maintenance.
  • Has built-in precision servo control of position, force and speed; costly and difficult to do with hydraulic cylinders.
  • Ideal in rugged applications that damage and cause pre-mature failure with ball screw/roller screw actuators.
  • Simple setup and integration with common networks, including CanBus, Ethernet, Modbus and others.
  • Comes as a complete package, factory-tuned and ready to install saving hours of time.


  • Force Range: Up to 85,000 lbf (377 kN)
  • Speed: Up to 45 in/s (1,159 mm/s)
  • Stroke Length Up to 120” (3,048 mm)
  • Voltage: 120, 240, 460 VAC
  • Configurations: Parallel, In-Line, 90 degree

Series Numbers

  • Series S08C
  • Series S12C
  • Series S13C
  • Series S14C
  • Series S19C
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