Konan Electric

Quick-Release Valves

We are an authorized distributor of directional control valves made by Konan Electic, including quick-release valves.

Konan quick-release valves are installed between directional control valves and actuators like a cylinder. The quick-release valves are operated by the discharge action of the directional control valve. The quick-release valve is used to increase the discharge volume for the actuator, which provides increased operating speed.

Konan Electric Quick-Release Valves


Standard Type

  • QEV3-04
  • QEV3-06
  • QEV3-08

Corrosion-Resistant Type

  • QEV3S-04
  • QEV3S-06
  • QEV3S-08

Product Keywords

Konan Electric, Line Components, Directional Control Valves, Quick-Release Valves

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