Konan Electric

Pressure Detection Valves

We are an authorized distributor of directional control valves made by Konan Electic, including pressure detection valves.

Konan pressure detection valves connect to other valves. They monitor and control the air pressure for the other valves. When a pressure detection valve is connected to a shutoff valve it will operate the shutoff valve if it detects a drop in the air pressure.

Konan Electric Pressure Detection Valves


Standard Type

  • PSV5-04
  • PSV2-02
  • PSV3L-02

Corrosion-Resistant Type

  • PSV5S-04
  • PSV2S-02
  • PSV3LS-02

Product Keywords

Konan Electric, Line Components, Directional Control Valves, Pressure Detection Valves

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