RMC70 Motion Controllers

The RMC70 is a modular controller. The base module is factory-configured and includes a CPU module and the Axis module. Each factory-installed Axis module is available with one or two control axis interfaces. You can add up to four expansion modules, including digital I/O, analog reference, and pressure or force inputs.

Delta RMC70 Motion Controllers


The Delta RMC70 motion controllers provide an extensive set of motion commands and programming capability for quick and easy yet flexible motion control for virtually every motion application.

  • User Programs — Supports execution of multiple programs simultaneously to handle axis commands and additional machine control functions. Programs consist of easy-to-understand sequences of commands.
  • Program Triggers — Cyclic task for immediate response to internal conditions or external events, such as discrete inputs, etc.
  • Variables — Recipes and other user parameters can be stored for use by user programs.
  • Mathematical Expressions — Expressions provide flexible programming capability for advanced calculations and machine control sequences.

Product Keywords

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