RMC100 Motion Controllers

The RMC100 Motion Controllers share many hardware modules with the RMC150. The RMC100 CPU module uses older firmware and is programmed with Delta’s RMCWin software. Although RMC100 Motion Controllers are fully supported and readily available, they are not recommended for new designs. They may make sense when duplicating an existing or in a retrofit/upgrade situation. For new applications, Delta recommends RMCTools-compatible controllers.

Delta RMC100 Motion Controllers


  • Two to eight axes of position or speed control.
  • Isolated power input, drive outputs, discrete and analog I/O, and communications.
  • RS-232 port for RMCWin and the RMCCOM ActiveX Control.
  • Full PID with velocity and acceleration feed-forwards.
  • Motion and pressure profiles can be changed on-the-fly.
  • 256K FLASH memory for field upgrades and parameter storage.
  • Trapezoidal, S-curve, and spline profiling.
  • Teach mode.
  • Synchronization of 2-8 axes.
  • Electronic gearing.
  • Compact DIN-rail mount package.

Product Keywords

Delta Computer Systems, Servo Motor Controllers, Two-Axis, Four-Axis, Eight Axis

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