STK Stopper Cylinder

This is a square, space saving cylinder that can be used for applications in which a lateral load is applied to the piston rod. Ideal for stop function of conveyors.

CKD STK Stopper Cylinder


Design for high load

  • Adopts a rod thicker than the normal rod diameter.
  • Bearing section is strengthened by increasing the width of the bushing in the rod direction.

3 types of actuation

  • Three types (double acting, single acting pull, double acting with spring) are available.

End shape options

  • Three types (round rod, chamfered and roller) are available.
  • Furthermore, it is possible to select a female thread type with screw hole on the end (optional).

Direct mounting

  • Can be mounted directly with hexagon socket head cap screw.
  • Two methods: screw-in and through bolt.
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