SCS2 Medium Bore Size Cylinder

Large bore size (φ125 to φ250) series of standard tie rod cylinders. Cylinders with a wide range of choices, high rigidity and more reliability. Lighter than ever before, adopting an aluminum cover and tube to halve the product weight.

CKD SCS2 Medium Bore Size Cylinder


  • Port and needle on the same surface.
  • The air supply / exhaust ports and cushion needle are positioned on the same surface.
  • Easier installation and adjustment of the cylinder.
  • Mounting dimension compatibility.
  • Mounting dimensions compatible with the discontinued conventional product SCS Series. (Piping port position on the opposite side).
  • Compact switch equipped.
  • The smaller T switch than the conventional.
  • Saves space by eliminating switch protrusions when mounted.
  • Magnet provided as standard (SCS2-LN / SCS2-LH).
  • The φ250 type also has a switch.
  • Switches can be mounted additionally.

Product Keywords

CKD, SCS2, Standard Cylinders, Medium Bore Size Cylinder

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