SCM Round Shaped Cylinder

Medium bore size (φ20 to φ100) series of standard round cylinders. Slim body and a wide variety of bore sizes and variations. The series is the smallest in the standard cylinders.

CKD SCM Round Shaped Cylinder


  • High workability.
  • A knob has been attached to the cushion needle for easy adjustment.
  • Better workability has been enabled by mounting with four bolts.
  • Mountable with a general tool.
  • Selectable switch mounting.
  • Select from 2 types, band and rail.
  • The time for switch position setting during maintenance can be reduced significantly.
  • Marking shows switch mounting position at a glance. Capable of fine adjustment up to 6 mm in the direction of stroke length.
  • Slim body.
  • Simple and functional design.

Product Keywords

CKD, SCM, Standard Cylinders, Round Shaped Cylinder

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