CAT Cartridge Cylinder

Cylinder outside diameter is full-thread thumb size. This cylinder is a miniature single-acting cylinder that returns with spring when pulled.

CKD CAT Cartridge Cylinder


Miniature size

  • Total length of the cylinder reduced significantly. Miniature with bore φ6 to φ15.
  • Can be mounted in a small space, downsizing equipment.

Easy mounting

  • As the tube outer diameter is threaded, it is easy to mount on the jig or panel, etc.

2 types of mounting methods

  • For mounting types, the inset and panel mounting types are available.
  • For the inset, sealing method with a washer is used and O-ring / reaming, etc., is not required.

End shape options

  • For end shape of the piston rod, male thread and without thread are available. Select according to the purpose.
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